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Logical Links

Farley & Company
An overview of my professional experiences and expertise as a writer and media consultant.
Combat Golf Page
Details on the upcoming Combat Golf Association Tournament to be held in Philly during the scary Halloween weekend.
Farley's Cavalry Page
A brief introduction to my most twisted hobby and links to some fine military web sites.
Farley Genealogy Page
Farley family lineage dating back to the 15th Century and some family history from the colonial and pioneering periods
The Misc.Writing Home Page
A portal to an international group of professional writers and wannabes. A very active group and worthwhile, but often able to tax my endurance.
GenServe Home Page
This is where to start if you have some interest in genealogical research or if you simply want to try and track down some long lost ancestors.

Thomas Lee Farley Jr.

Hello, and welcome to my quaint little corner of cyberspace.

I'm a 53-year-old native-born Philadelphian living an extravagant life 
based in a castle in center city.  Well, it's actually more of a crusader's
fortress.  The castle is actually the home of the First Troop Philadelphia
City Cavalry.  

The flashcard review of my pursuits and pastimes (in case you're not in
a hotlink frame of mind) goes like this:
 € Professional writer and media strategy consultant 
 € Member of the active roll of First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry
 € Tirelessly mediocre golfer who can shoot in the 90s on a good day
 € Genealogical researcher tracing his family back through a millenium
 € Infrequent artist painting in oils and acrylics
 € Wilderness camper and avid fly fisherman
 € Libertarian-leaning Republican
 € Self-indulgent poet
 € Bawdy song stylist

I have four grown children from my only marriage (which ended in 1982).  
I have a Toyota SR5 sports car, two mutant goldfish and a PowerMac.  
Fortunately for me, the goldfish are low maintenance.

Since The Love Of My Life© dumped me and married some other guy, 
I've been trying to decide whether to...
 € join the Rosicrucians or the Hare Krishnas
 € date supermodels only
 € call Kevorkian
 € dance in place and paint my face and act like I belong here
...or some combination of the above.  In the interim, I tend to have a
few martinis, fire up the Mac, and share my angst with the Usenet crowd

Most of my long term financial plans begin with:
 € Step One - Win the Lottery

Quiz of the Day:  Who said "I returned and saw under the sun that the
race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to
the wise, nor peace to men of understanding, but time and chance 
happeneth to them all?"
 A. Santayana
 B. John Lennon
 C. Nelson Mandela
 D. None of the below.

Thanks for visiting.
Thomas L. Farley
suggestions-critiques-contacts (not spam) welcome