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Logical Links

Tom Farley
A brief personality profile and photo.
First City Troop Home Page
The "Official" web site for the Troop. Though still under construction, it has good historical info and links to other good sites.
The Military Network
An exceedingly rich vein of information for servicemen and women, veterans and families, with countless links to military sites worldwide.
28th Infantry Division
Home page of Pennsylvania's own "Keystone" division, known during WWII as the "Bloody Buckets" and one of only two divisions left in the Army National Guard.
Russian Military Page
Authoritative data on and photos of equipment fielded by former Soviet Army, Air Force and Navy.
U.S. Army Home Page
The "official" army page has news and lots of links of interest to servicemen and their families, plus a great search engine for locating other military sites.

On The Way To Fiddler's Green

Welcome to my cavalry page.

My name is Thomas L. Farley Jr., and as the photo of Teddy Roosevelt 
in his Rough Rider outfit might suggest to you, my primary avocation 
is Cavalry.  

I am an active roll member of First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry 
(the 2,333rd man to serve in the Troop).  Members of First City Troop 
train in the ancient and honorable art of battlefield reconnaissance 
with Troop A, 1st Squadron, 104th Cavalry, 28th Infantry Division, 
Pennsylvania Army National Guard.  

Founded in 1774 by a group of prominent Philadelphia businessmen, First
City Troop provided a mounted escort for General George Washington and
gathered battlefield intelligence for the Continental Army during major
operations in and around Philadelphia.  Today, The Troop maintains an 
armory at 23rd and Ranstead Streets, and while our duties with the CAV 
demand a high level of expertise with modern contraptions such as tanks 
and other armored fighting vehicles, our ceremonial activities with the
Troop more often reflect the traditional images of cavalry -- horses, 
sabers, trumpets and uniforms which recall the Napoleonic Era.  We have
"turned out" in full military regalia to escort kings and princes and 
other important persons during their visits to Philadelphia.  Most of 
the U.S. Presidents of the modern era have been escorted by the Troop
and several have been guests at our armory.  Teddy Roosevelt was an
especially good friend of the Troop.

Visit our homepage for more details.  The address is in my links 
section, as are links to several other military web sites