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Thomas L. Farley
This is my home page with links to other interests, activities and web sites of various kinds.
Heraldry on the Internet
A very rich site with info on surnames, heraldry, coats of arms, maps, castles and much more.
Farleigh Hungerford Castle
A tour of the castle and history of my Norman ancestors in England.
Descendents of John Farley
Massive database of 18 generations of descendents of John Farley, born about 1465 in England. Literally thousands of my relatives.
Public Access Library Catalogs
Locations and directions for accessing vast library databases of genealogical information. Includes tips for searching the Library of Congress and the Carolina Cousins national database of surnames.
Cyndi's Genealogy List
An easy to use site with 28,000 links to good ancestry data and oceans of research. Must be good; a quarter of a million hits on this page since mid-1996.
National Archives
Information on gaining access to government records.
The postmaster
Announce your URL everywhere!

Five Centuries of the Farley Family

Hello!  My name is Thomas L. Farley and this page reflects the progress 
I have made in genealogical research to trace an unbroken patriarchal 
line of ancestry for my branch of the Farley family. As you can see, 
I've been able to push the envelop of remembrance back as far as the 
Fifteenth Century, and I'm working on intriguing clues which could take 
us back in an unbroken line to the Battle of Hastings in 1066 or beyond.
My impossibly zealous goal is to prove, or if need be, disprove ancient 
family lore that the clan traces its origins back from the original 
Virginia colonies, through Yorkshire and Worstershire, through Normandy,
and back to Scandanavia in the time of the Vikings. So, if that lore is 
accurate, I'm only halfway there, at best.  Here is what I've been able 
to establish so far:

John Farley Sr.
Wife Unknown
 Richard Farley (1485-?)
 Joan Eausham
  Reginald Farley (1530-?)..In the 16th Century the Farley family held 
  Barbara Hastings (1530-?) property in Towthorpe, Yorkshire, England
   Roger Farley (1560-1622)..Roger's will, dated 1622, is still on file
   Lady Jane Evans (1560-?)
    Thomas Farley (1604-?)...Sailed in ship Ann to Archers Hope, VA, and
    Lady Jane Sefton (1604-?) est. a tobacco plantation at Jamestown. He
     John Farley Sr. (1648-1732)       and Jane had 15 children. Barbara
     Mary Willett                      was killed by indians; George was
      John Farley Jr. (1670-1754)      executed for his role in "Bacon's
      Elizabeth Archer (?-1761)        Rebellion" 
       Francis Farley Sr. (1703-1791)  
       Nancy Whitlow
        Francis Farley Jr. (1726-1829)..Pioneer and indian fighter. Est.
        Nancy Blankenship            Farley Fort on the western frontier
         Drewry Farley (1760-1851)....First settler in Pipestem District
         Mary Adkins                  of what is now West Virginia
          Gideon Farley (1796-1863)..Famous in the Pipestem for his ugly
          Dinah Cook (1799-1882)    temper tantrums. Blamed it on Viking
           Andrew Farley (1823-?)   blood.
           Judith Cooper (1823-?)
            Oscar Jordan Farley (1857-?)
            Nancy Caperton
             Julius Caesar Farley (1889-1958)..My grandfather, top photo
             Grace Ethel Farley (1890-1943)
              Thomas Lee Farley Sr. (1922-1981)....My father; May he RIP
              Roseanna T. Mooney (1925-Living).....My sweet Irish mother
               Thomas Lee Farley Jr. (1947-Living)...Me
               Margaret McErlane (1947-Living)
                Thomas Lee Farley III (1973-Living)..My fine son
                Melissa Mehlberger (1974-Living)
                 Thomas Lee Farley IV (1997-Living)..My grandson

Farley Family History in the Colonial and Pioneering Days

This section is still under construction and will be added to the page 
sometime during April of 1998.